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2009 Milongueando en Seúl - Teachers, Dancers, & DJs

Gustavo & Weining

- Website: www.tango-gustavo.tw
- Gustavo & Weining are from Taiwan. They will perform for us Saturday night and teach 2 classes on Sunday.

Gustavo Lin started to promote tango in Taipei 9 years ago. To feel more about tango and to learn from the masters, he visited Buenos Aires multiple times.

Weining Chen has been a professional modern dancer & choreographer for 7 years. She started to tango in 2005.

Gustavo & Weining met each other in a milonga in 2006. Because of the warm embrace, they decided to partner and work together. Now they teach and share their tango passion in Taipei and other cities in Asia. They wish more Asian people can enjoy tango and its music with their friends through the embrace.

Fish & Sandra

- Fish is from Taiwan & Sandra is from Hong Kong. They will perform for us Sunday night.

Fish (Taiwan) has been dancing tango for more than 7 years. He has given tango classes in Perugia, Italy during his time as a language student there (2006), and was the tango director of a pop music video (2008); An industrial designer by day, tanguero by night, he incorporates the elements of tango into his designs (and vice versa), as he believes that "only simple, concise lines would make a good dance, and a good design."

Sandra (Hong Kong) started dancing tango in 2005. She discovered the subtleties in the dance, the power of the embrace and the importance of "attitude" after her first visit to Buenos Aires in 2008. Then in Aug 2009 she formed the group "Las Chinitas" with 2 other friends, with a mission to promote Tango Salon and tradition milonga culture through organizing workshops and milongas.

Fish and Sandra met at Taipei Tango Festival 2007.


- Website: Milonga del Corazón, Las Chinitas
- Emily is from Hong Kong. She is our DJ for the Friday and Saturday milonga.

Emily Luk, a tango DJ giving full respect to the traditional way of DJing in Buenos Aires, shares her own sensibilities and passion of tango music with the dancers in every milonga where she plays music.

She was invited to DJ at the Taipei Tango Festival in 2006, and at the Grand Milonga of Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse's visit to Seoul in 2007 and 2008.

She is the house DJ of "Milonga del Corazón", one of the most popular milongas in Hong Kong, as well as one of the founders of "Las Chinitas", which promotes Tango Salon and traditional milonga culture in Hong Kong.


- Lola is our Korean DJ! She will play music for us Sunday night.

Lola is an up-and-coming DJ from Seoul. She has studied intensively with Carlos Lee, Dan Boccia, and Damian Boggio, and her DJing at Tango O Nada on Tuesday is particularly popular. She was invited to DJ at the 2009 Seoul Tango Festival, as well as the Tango Gala Otoño (Cristina Sosa & Daniel Naccuchio 2009 visit to Seoul).

[Information about the other performers will be available shortly]