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Welcome to El Bulín

We are an Argentine Tango dance studio located in the Sinsa-dong area of Seoul, Korea. Many of our classes are taught in both English and Korean. You can find us on this map.

For information of our branch in Busan, please check this website (Korean).

Classes, Practicas & Milongas

Contact Information:

  • E-mail: leoyflortango@gmail.com
  • Telephone: 010-2611-7728

International Events

Since 2009, we have been organizing two international events every year which have attracted many foreigners to visit Seoul.

  • Seoul Tango Festival
    • Date: First weekend of May. Next event: May 5-9, 2016
    • Biggest international tango festival in Korea; three couples of top-notch Argentinian masters; DJs, performers, and over 300 participants from more than a dozen countries.
  • Milongueando
    • Link to this year's event (Oct 21 to 30).
    • Medium size event focused on close embrace social dancing; great DJs, intimate milonga atmosphere.

Leonel & Florencia

El Bulín is founded by Leonel (Hung-Yut) & Florencia (Hwayi) in October 2009. They are a professional Argentine Tango couple who have been teaching and promoting Tango in Korea since 2005.

*** Our name, El Bulín, came from the lunfardo word "bulín", which means "a room", "a room for love affairs", or "a place for dreaming and living". Lunfardo is a slang developed among the lower-class in Buenos Aires at the turn of the 20th century. Lunfardo words appear often in Tango lyrics, including "El Bulín de Calle Ayacucho" (listen).