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Tango in Korea

Tango in Korea started around 2000 and it has grown rapidly since then. In Seoul, the capital city, there are at least 6 venues fully-dedicated to Tango and they open most days in the week. There are also other weekly or semi-regular milongas and practicas, and an assortment of annual events and parties. On a good night of a popular milonga you can easily find between 50 to 80 dancers. Special events can draw up to a couple hundreds or more.

Outside of Seoul, there is also Tango in half a dozen other cities, including Busan, Daegu, and Daejeon. Tango in these places are not as big, but they are healthy growing communities with plenty of activities as well.

If you are looking for milongas in Seoul, these are good places to start:

In Daejeon:

In Busan:

For more observations about Tango in Korea, please refer to this blog post by Leonel.

Courtesy of our friend Valeriya Guseva, here is a map of tango venues in Seoul:

Click here to view this map in a larger form with listing of all locations.