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Gabriel Missé & Natalia Hills Workshop, March 12-14, 2010

Gabriel & Natalia are on tour with Forever Tango in Seoul (March 16-28, 2010), and they are going to give a series of workshop for us this coming weekend at El Bulin!

  • Date: March 12-14, 2010
  • Venue: El Bulin Tango Studio, Seoul
  • Price per class: in advance ₩25,000, at the door: ₩28,000
  • Contact/Booking: leoyflortango@gmail.com

Class schedule

  • March 12 Friday
    7:30-8:50pm - Class A "Fundamentals"
  • March 13 Saturday
    2:00-3:20pm - Class B "El Abrazo"
    3:30-4:50pm - Class C "Vals Cruzado"
  • March 14 Sunday
    1:00-2:20pm - Class D "Tecnica para Hombres"
    2:30-3:50pm - Class E "Tecnica para Mujeres"
    4:00-5:20pm - Class F "Giro y Enrosque"

Class Description

  • A. Fundamentals (All Level)
    Walking, balance, embrace, posture, how to lead with clear signals, how to follow with fluid movements.
  • B. El Abrazo (Intermediate)
    Figures for close embrace in social tango. The emphasis of this class will be on technique rather than just the memorization of patterns and steps.
    Men will learn the close embrace leading technique for the patterns, and women will learn the essential elements necessary to follow the man´s lead, along with various possibilities of adornment for the steps involved in the patterns.
  • C. Vals Cruzado (Int/Advanced)
    Techniques and musicality: With the introduction of the waltz rhythm, this workshop will focus on the correct technique to execute turns. pivots, displacements (sacadas) and windmills (molinetes) with speed and grace.
  • D. Tecnica para Hombres (All Level)
    Students will work on the walk and fluidity of movement, as well as learn to carry out different figures in space and within the measure of the music (enrosques, lapiz, agujas, planeos, giros, sacadas adelante y atras, etc.) without losing the elegance that defines salon tango style.
  • E. Tecnica para Mujeres (All Level)
    Adornment Technique for women: The joy of executing that lightning boleo, that precise amague can be attained only if you have the right technique. We will work on how to do many beautiful adornments.
  • F. Giro y Enrosque (Advanced)
    The classic salon figure of giro & enrosque, its variations, how to do it with connection, elegance and music.