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2010 Milongueando - Prices & Registration

All prices are in Korean Won (₩).

EventDate & TimePrice
Friday Milonga11/5 8pm-2am₩15,000
Saturday Afternoon Tea Milonga11/6 2pm-6pm₩10,000
Saturday Evening Milonga11/6 9pm-2am₩22,000
Sunday Milonga11/7 9pm-2am₩15,000
Weekend Package
(includes all milongas)
(orig. price ₩62,000)
Sunday Class 111/7 2pm-3:20pm₩22,000
Sunday Class 211/7 3:30pm-4:50pm₩22,000
Both Classes-₩38,000
(orig. price ₩44,000)

*** Class 1: full for both men and women
*** Class 2: only 2 spaces left for men, full for women.


To register please e-mail leoyflortango@gmail.com with your name, gender, e-mail, country/city, and events you will attend. For example:

  • Name: Kim Paek Soon
  • Gender: Male
  • E-mail: kim1224@hanmail.net
  • Country/City: Korea/Suncheon
  • Events: Weekend Package, Class 1

Hotel & Directions

You can find a list of affordable hotels near to El Bulín on the Map, Directions, & Hotel page. It also has other useful information such as our address, phone number, and directons.


Please feel free to contact Leonel/Hung-Yut at 82-10-2611-7728 or leoyflortango@gmail.com if you have any questions or you need help planning your trip.

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