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Sebastian Missé y Andrea Reyero Workshop, December 9 ~ 15, 2010


Sebastián Missé and Andrea Reyero are two outstanding tango dancers, choreographers, and teachers of the new generation. Their style is rooted in the tradition of tango, and their dance is elegant, passionate and innovative. They are recognized as true tango dancers by both the general public and the Argentinian milongueros. In the past decade their dance has touched the hearts of numerous audiences throughout the world.

This is Sebastián and Andrea's first visit to Korea. We are excited about the opportunity to learn from them and to see them perform. Please come to Korea for a week of intensive learning. There will also be 3 milongas with excellent DJs for you to dance with the local dancers in Seoul!

For more information about Sebastián and Andrea please refer to their website: sebastianyandrea.com.

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Workshop Schedule

  • All classes and milongas are held at El Bulin Tango studio, except the Grand Milonga on December 11th, which will be held at El Tango Cafe.

Class Desription

  • All classes last 1 hr 20 min with 10 min breaks in between.
  • Classes are given in Spanish with Korean translation. English translation will be provided upon request.
  • "All level classes" focus on the basics of the dance and we encourage all workshop participants to take them.
  • Private classes are available. Please contact us by e-mail for details (leoyflortango@gmail.com).

Prices & Registration

  • Only 30 milonga packages are available.
  • To register for classes or milongas, please send an e-mail to leoyflortango@gmail.com with your registration information. For example:

    • Name: KIM, Baek Soon
    • Gender: Male
    • Resident City/Country: Buenos Aires/Argentina
    • Contact e-mail: kbs@tango.com
    • Classes: All Level Package, 203, 204
    • Milongas: Welcome Milonga, Grand Milonga

    We will contact you by e-mail within 3 days of receiving your registration.
  • If you are coming from outside of Korea, please send us a copy of your electronic plane ticket as confirmation.

Travelling Information

Please refer to this webpage for detailed information about transportation and accomodation in Seoul.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at leoyflortango@gmail.com or 82-10-2611-7728. We look forward to seeing you in December!

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