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Andres Laza Moreno y Isabel Acuña Workshop, February 4 - 13, 2011

Andres and Isabel are two outstanding dancers and teachers among the new generation of tango professionals. Their dance is naturally elegant, subtle, and powerful. They are also warm and dedicated teachers, being always patient and approachable in class. They love to dance socially and frequent the best milongas in Buenos Aires where they have gained enormous respect.

Last year they toured Hong Kong, Beijing, and Taipei with great success, and were also invited to the Sydney Salon Tango Festival. We are very excited to bring them to Seoul for the first time, and we expect a fun and intensive learning experience for all the workshop participants.

This is also a great opportunity to dance in Korea. Besides the two milongas held in Andres and Isabel's honor at El Bulin (Feb 4 & 12), there are also great local milongas at other venues in Seoul every night.

Workshop Schedule

  • All classes and milongas are held at El Bulin Tango studio.

Class Description

  • All classes last 1 hr 20 min with 10 min breaks in between.
  • Classes are given in Spanish with Korean translation. English translation will be provided upon request.
  • The Technique Classes (101, 102, 202, 501) are related and should be taken in order.
  • Class 102 is a pre-requisite for class 201. Class 501 is a pre-requisite for class 502, 601, and 602.
  • "All level classes" focus on the basics of the dance and we encourage all workshop participants to take them.
  • Private classes are available. Please contact us by e-mail for details (leoyflortango@gmail.com).

Prices & Registration

  • To register for classes or milongas, please send an e-mail to leoyflortango@gmail.com with your registration information. For example:

    • Name: KIM, Baek Soon
    • Gender: Male
    • Resident City/Country: Buenos Aires/Argentina
    • Contact e-mail: kbs@tango.com
    • Classes: Technique Package, 201, 301, 502
    • Milongas: Milonga Package
    We will contact you by e-mail within 3 days of receiving your registration.
  • If you are coming from outside of Korea, please send us a copy of your electronic plane ticket as confirmation.
  • If you are a non-Korean speaker living in Korea, please make payment in advance to secure your registration.

Travelling Information

Please refer to this webpage for detailed information about transportation and accomodation in Seoul.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at leoyflortango@gmail.com or 82-10-2611-7728. We look forward to seeing you in February!

Biography & Videos

Andres began dancing when he was 14 years old. Despite his young age, his knowledge of Tango runs deep. His maestros included the late Carlos Gavito as well as Jorge Dispari, for whom he was the teaching assistant for a long period of time. Andres was also part of a special program started by the Argentinean Secretary of Culture to preserve the culture of Argentine Tango, being one of the few dancers selected by a committee to learn Tango for a year from some of the most outstanding Milongueros alive at that time. He was the dance partner of Samantha DIspari, daughter of Jorge and Maria Dispari, and gave classes in BsAs and Europe before forming a new dance couple with his life partner, Isabel in 2009.

Isabel was born in Chile and began dancing in 1999, learning from the old generation masters at a local club there and shortly becoming one of their teaching assistants. At that time, milongas didn't exist in the neighborhood where she belonged. Her efforts in teaching in Chile and in promoting Argentine Tango to the young people there with a group of friends gave rise to a whole new generation of young tangueros, and she was considered one of the pioneers of the tango scene of Chile. Due to her love for Argentine Tango, she constantly travelled to BsAs to deepen her knowledge and feelings of the dance, and was invited to perform frequently in the milongas there. Her main teachers include Graciela Gonzalez, Geraldine Rojas, Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Missé. In 2008, she settled in BsAs and later started her partnership with Andres.

< Andres Laza Moreno class video in Buenos Aires, Jan 15, 2009 >

What they say about Andres & Isabel

"I knew Andres Laza Moreno since 2007. For me, he is one of the top 5 tango salon dancers in Milongas in Buenos Aires. He is recommended for his teaching skill. My friends and I learnt a lot from him."

"Andres & Isbel are really great masters for you to become a milonguero... Strongly suggest you to join their class and feel the true Tango from Buenos Aires"

- Gustavo Lin, professional tango dancer, Taipei

"There are numerous young Argentine tango teachers and performers now teaching tango in different parts of the world. What make Bichi and Isa special is they inherited the tango culture from the real good old masters and are able to gain respect from the most picky milongueros in BA's top milongas. And they are young and full of passion of tango, as we are!!!

They do not only simply teach you steps and techniques, but give you a fuller picture of tango by passing on the values and the traditions that is now fading, even in Buenos Aires.

Although one cannot 'cut and paste' a milonga from Buenos Aires to any foreign city, we should be happy and feel lucky that we can bring at least one real good couple from there to our city, to see how they dance and to learn from them."

- Emily, DJ and organizer, Hong Kong

"Bichi and Isabel are rising tango stars. Their dancing is subtle, mature and elegant. In terms of teaching, they are detailed, concise and can tell exactly what the student needs and quickly make notable changes to one's dancing. They are genuine, friendly teachers who really teach from their hearts. "

- Sandra Mok, tango instructor, Hong Kong & Taipei