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Sebastian Missé y Andrea Reyero Workshop, August 18 ~ 28, 2011

Sebastián Missé and Andrea Reyero started dancing tango at an early age. They were tutored and nurtured by some of the great milongueros of the past generation, many of whom are no longer with us. Since turning professional and settling down in Paris, they have become two outstanding tango dancers, choreographers, and teachers of the new generation. Their style is rooted in the tradition of tango, and their dance is elegant, passionate and innovative. In the past decade their dance has touched the hearts of numerous audiences throughout the world.

This is Sebastián and Andrea's second visit to Korea. Last December they brought us a week of inspiring classes and exhilarating performances. We hope you will take this opportunity to study with them and enjoy their artistry.

For more information about Sebastián and Andrea please refer to their website: sebastianyandrea.com.

Workshop Schedule

  • * MEO - Maestros del Epoca de Oro / Masters of the Golden Age
  • All classes and milongas are held at El Bulin Tango studio.

Class Description

  • All classes last 1 hr 20 min with 10 min breaks in between.
  • Classes are given in Spanish with Korean translation. English translation will be provided upon request.
  • The Fundamentals classes focus on the basics of the dance and we encourage all workshop participants to take them.
  • Maestros del Epoca de Oro / Masters of the Golden Age - This is a series of 3 classes which focus on the great milongueros whom Sebastian & Andrea had studied with. Sebastian and Andrea will talk about their history and their philosophy of tango, as well as teach us some of their signature patterns. The 3 classes will be organized around Todaro, Cachito, and Pepito, but Sebastian and Andrea will cover other milongueros as well.
  • Private classes are available. Please contact us by e-mail for details (leoyflortango@gmail.com).

Prices & Registration

  • Registration: To register for classes or milongas, please send an e-mail to leoyflortango@gmail.com with your registration information before August 16. For example:

    • Name: KIM, Baek Soon
    • Gender: Male
    • Resident City/Country: Buenos Aires/Argentina
    • Contact e-mail: kbs@tango.com
    • Classes: Fundamentals Package, Milonga + Vals Package, 103
    • Milongas: Milonga Package
    We will contact you by e-mail within 3 days of receiving your registration.
  • Payment: If you live in Korea you must send us your registration e-mail and make payment before August 16th. You can pay in person at our studio or use bank transfer. Your registration is not confirmed until we receive your payment, meaning that if certain classes or milongas become full we may have to give up your spaces for others if we don't receive your payment in time.

    If you live outside of Korea please send us a copy of your electronic ticket together with your registration e-mail as confirmation.

Travelling Information

Please refer to this webpage for detailed information about transportation and accomodation in Seoul.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at leoyflortango@gmail.com or 82-10-2611-7728. We look forward to seeing you in August!


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What they say about Sebastian & Andrea

To me, Sebastian and Andrea are wonder dancers, teachers and friends. Their wealth of knowledge and experience of Tango is almost unmatched by any of today's young couples. Both of them started tango at an early age, dancing in the traditional milongas of Buenos Aires and learning from the day's celebrated milongueros alongside other great dancers such as Sebastian's siblings, Gabriel, Andrea and Stella Misse, Geraldine Rojas and Natalia Hills.

Last year when they came to Taipei, I only enrolled to 2 or 3 of their classes in the beginning, but I ended up taking all of their classes since I found myself learning a lot after each class. Most of their classes are focused around an element of tango, which they will explain in great detail. Afterwards they may separate the men and women to work on their technique, and towards the end they would introduce an interesting sequence containing the element they just taught.

Their method of teaching is very "efficient" as both of them are very experienced teachers. Huge emphasis is put on the "precision" and "perfection" in the step, the lead and the footwork (Count how many times Sebastian says "It's perfect"), while useful notes such as musicality are inserted along the way.

What make their classes more special are the stories and anecdotes they would add into the classes. Apart from the steps and the technique, students always gain something extra - be it histories of the dance, the milongueros and the milongas, or untangling of some tango myths. They have taught me to appreciate the histories behind the steps, how steps are invented by certain milongueros - a fact that has to be respected.

Speaking for the ladies in particular, some may know that I have learned tango mostly from a certain Argentine couple. Some of the techniques I learned from Sebastian y Andrea may be different from what I was used to in the past, but taking classes from them allowed me to find new dimensions in my dance - presence and strength, which has stayed and changed my dance ever since (or so I hope). My conclusion after the workshop was that I must bring them to Hong Kong next year, even though my butt is now here in Taipei :P Sebastian and Andrea are truly representatives of pure tango. I would recommend any tango lover to take the chance to learn from them and get to know them.

- Sandra Mok, Tango teacher in Taipei & Hong Kong

Last December we organized Sebastian & Andrea's workshop in Seoul. Before they arrived very few people here had heard of them. We had never seen them in person. All we had were a few grainy videos on youtube. Yet after their workshop, which lasted a week, we did not hesitate to invite them back to Seoul again.

Many people here were impressed by their dance. We were moved by the power, subtlety, and sincerity of their performance, which is something you cannot see via youtube. The way they dance is "old school" - it is not fashionable nowadays, but there is something timeless about it that we can all appreciate and learn from.

Sebastian and Andrea are very knowledgeable about the milongas and the great milongueros of the last generation, because they started going to the milongas at a young age and many of these milongueros tutored and nurtured them. Sebastian and Andrea were eager to share this knowledge with us and to connect with us as fellow tango dancers, maybe because that was how the milongueros had treated them in the first place. We could feel their genuine happiness that so many people in Korea share their passion in tango.

We very much look forward to receiving them again next month, and we wish tango lovers in other cities will take advantage of their visit as well.

- Hung-Yut Chen, Organizer of Sebastian & Andrea's workshop in Seoul