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2011 DJ Conference


Tango is growing fast in Asia and there is a high demand for good DJs to play music at milongas and events. We are organizing a DJ conference for DJs to exchange ideas about their craft, and for tango dancers to understand what makes a good DJ. This conference is the first of its kind, and your participation is greatly appreciated. You do not have to be a DJ to attend, you are welcomed to come if you like tango music and milongas.

  • Date: October 30 Sunday

    Session #1 (2:30pm - 4pm) - Creating climax in a milonga, Improvisation vs preparation
    Session #2 (4:15pm - 5:15pm) - Sound system for DJs
    Session #3 (5:30pm - 7pm) - DJing a weekly local milonga vs a big event, Arranging songs in a tanda

  • All sessions will take place at El Bulín Tango Studio.
  • For session #1 and #3, we will have a short presentation by each of the panelists, a round-robin discussion among the panelists, and an open question and answer sessions with the audience.
  • For session #2 a professional sound engineer will give a technical lecture about the basics of sound systems. Our goal is to educate the DJs so that they can get the best possible sound quality out of any system that they encounter. More information about the professional sound engineer will be announced shortly.
  • The conference will be conducted in English and Korean with the help of a professional interpreter.
  • There is a limit of 40 people per session.


We have invited a panel of distinguished DJs to guide our discussion. They started DJing earlier than many of their peers, and they have had significant experiences playing music at both local milongas and international events.

Royce (Hong Kong)

  • Tango DJ and music collector
  • Started to DJ at various milongas in HK since 2002
  • Studied in Buenos Aires for half a year in 2008
  • Organized and DJed Milonga "Las Ventanas del Corazon" in Singapore
  • DJed at Zero Hour's All-night Milonga in Tokyo
  • Invited to play music at various international events, including 2010 Milongueando in Seoul and the upcoming Hong Kong Tango Festival
  • Royce on Facebook

Felipe (San Francisco)

  • Professional tango teacher and DJ based in San Francisco and travels all over the world
  • DJ regularly at local practicas and milongas in San Francisco
  • Has been invited to DJ at major festivals in the US and abroad, including Portland TangoFest, Antipanico Tango Festival (San Francisco), Tango Element (Baltimore), Denver Memorial Day Tango Festival, Atlanta Tango Festival, Houston Tango Festival
  • Invited to play music at El Beso twice in Buenos Aires
  • Felipe on Facebook

Mercury (Seoul)

  • Started DJing at Tango O Nada in Seoul in 2004
  • Played music at numerous festivals and events in Korea, including Seoul Tango Festival, Korea Tango Festival, Daejeon Tango Festival, Busan Beach Milonga, Anniversary Party of Solo Tango and Tango Adiccion, milongas of visiting masters such as Roberto Herrera, Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldin Rojas, Federico Naveira & Ines Muzzopappa, Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado
  • Has been invited to DJ at various international events, including Beijing "Dream of Illusion" Tango Weekend, Beijing "Trasnochando" Tango Marathon, and Taipei Tango Festival
  • Mercury on Facebook

Hung-Yut "Leonel" (Seoul) - Moderator

  • Started DJing in El Valenciano in San Francisco in 2003
  • Danced and studied in Buenos Aires for a total of 8 months
  • Has been invited to DJ at many international events, including Beijing Dream of Illusion Tango Weekend, Hong Kong Tango Festival, Portland Tango Festival, Sydney Salon Tango Festival, Taipei Tango Festival, and Shanghai Tango Festival.
  • He is a regular DJ at these local milongas in Seoul: Tango O Nada, El Tango Café, and El Bulin.
  • Organizer of the annual Seoul Tango Festival and Milonga "Mala Junta" at El Bulin.
  • Hung-Yut on Facebook