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2011 Milongueando + DJ Conference, Oct 28-30

*** The Saturday night milonga and DJ Conference are full. If you are planning to come but have not sent us a registration please contact us as soon as possible. ***

Welcome to another edition of Milongueando! We have had 2 very successful years and we look forward to receiving you again this October. The idea of Milongueando is very simple - over one weekend 100 tango dancers from all over the world will gather at El Bulín. There will be 4 milongas with excellent music and organization so you can enjoy some great dancing with lots of new faces!

This year we are also holding a DJ Conference on Sunday. We want to create an opportunity for DJs to exchange ideas, and for tango lovers to learn more about what DJs do.

There is a limit of 100 people per milonga, and about one third are from overseas. So the milongas will be big but not too big for you to meet new people. We will invite DJs who know how to get people on their feet, and we will promote a friendly and respectful milonga atmosphere so you can search for the dances that you desire.

Prices for the milongas are very affordable, so you can save some money for shoe shopping and touring. At El Bulín Tango Studio we sell Odile Tango Shoes for both women and men.

Last but not least, it is also El Bulín's 2nd anniversary so please come celebrate our birthday with us!

Here is a list of confirmed DJs, panelists, & dancers. There will be a few more to come.




Feel free to check out last year's photos and website to see how much fun it was. See you in October!