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2012 DJ Conference, Oct 25-27

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Tango is growing fast in Asia. More and more people are demanding good DJs to play music at milongas and events. This DJ conference is an opportunity for DJs to exchange ideas and polish their craft, and for tango lovers to learn more about the music and what DJ does. This event is the first of its kind, and your support is greatly appreciated. You do not have to be a DJ to attend, you are more than welcomed to come if you like tango music.

Last year we organized the first edition of this event. There were over 60 participants and the response was very positive. This year we are expanding the format to include more workshops and lectures.

The Program

All sessions will be held at El Bulín and conducted in English and Korean.


These are hands-on classes for DJs to polish their craft. Enrollment is limited to 20 people. There will be in-class exercises and participants will be required to bring their own music.

#Date & TimeTeacherContent
DJW1Oct 26 Fri 8-9:20pmHung-Yut LeonelWhich Songs to Play? - This is the first problem all DJs encounter: listening to a CD, how do we choose which songs to play and which songs not to play?
DJW2Oct 27 Sat 3:30-4:50pmDan BocciaMaking & Arranging Tandas - Nuts of bolts of DJing, from making tandas, arranging tandas, to improvisation
DJW3Oct 27 Sat 5-6:20pmDan BocciaGet the Most Out of the Sound System - How to get the best sound quality out of the sound system in front of you?


Our lecturers will share their expert knowledge on some of the most important tango orchestras. These are suitable for anyone who wants to be a DJ or simply wants to learn more about tango music. Attendance is limited to 50.

#Date & TimeSpeakerContent
DJL1Oct 28 Sun 2-3:20pmDan Boccia Two Underappreciated Giants - The dynamics of D'Agostino and the Brilliance of Troilo
D'Agostino's orchestra is often described as simple, but in this session you'll learn why this orchestra is dymanic, dramatic, exceptionally tasteful. I'll describe what to listen for to identify this orchestra's characteristics sounds, and how becoming more familiar with these characteristics could change the way dancers will interpret this music, how teachers can use it to great advantage, and how DJs can take advantage of the versatility of its sound.
Taking a journey through Troilo's history provides an excellent opportunity to trace the evolution of tango from just before the golden age through tango's evolution into current times. Almost every nuance of the evolution of tango in these times can be heard in his music and described by surprising stories that illustrate the atmosphere that surrounded the tango life in those times. This session will go far beyond dance music to provide insight into the greater picture of tango, of which dancing is a small part.
DJL2Oct 28 Sun 3:30-4:50pmRoyce ChauThe Musical Visions of Juan D'Arienzo & Carlos Di Sarli
Juan D'Arienzo and Carlos Di Sarli are two of the most important orchestras for tango dancers. No dancers will complain even if a DJ plays their tandas more than once or twice in a milonga. Yet their musical visions cannot be more different. There are lots of stories behind their career and how they made their music, and I shall try to tell you as many as I can. What I hope is, after this lecture, you will have a fond memory of them, and you will appreciate the depth and beauty of their music even more.


Format: we will start with a short presentation by each of the panelists, followed by a round-robin discussion among the panelists, and then an open question and answer sessions with the audience. Enrollment is limited to 50.

#Date & TimePanelContent
DJP1Oct 28 Sun 5-6:20pmDan Boccia
Royce Chau
Hung-Yut Chen
Federico Kim
Professional Career of Tango DJs
This panel discussion will focus on two important aspects of the professional of tango DJing:
- From buying the first CD to playing music in front of hundreds of people at big festivals, what are the steps for the growth of a DJ? What qualities does a successful DJ has and what work does it take to achieve this goal?
- What should dancers and organizers expect from DJs? Is there a basic standard for good DJ practice? If so what it is?

DJ Bio

Dan Boccia(USA)

Dan is recognized internationally as one of the finest tango DJs in North America. He is known for pioneering and advancing the art of DJing improvisationally, selecting music on the fly during the event rather than relying on pre-recorded playlists. He has a deep and expanding knowledge of the music, its cultural context, the orchestras and singers, and the individual musicians, and is skilled in applying this knowledge to the best benefit of the dancers while DJing.

Dan has spent over 6 years developing techniques to clean the music up to sound better, and is known for having one of the best-sounding collections of tango music anywhere. Dan also enjoys presenting DJ seminars or discussing the music with dancers and DJs so they can enrich their tango experiences.

Dan has been featured at the following events:

  • Portland Tangofest and Valentango - the largest festivals in North America (2001-2012)
  • Seattle Tango Magic (2004-2012)
  • Javier & Andrea Workshop in Seoul (2008)
  • Washington, D.C. Tango Marathon (2003-2004)
  • Los Angeles Tango Fireworks (2002-2003)
  • Denver Milonguero festivals (2001-2006)
  • San Diego Tango Festival (2008)
  • Maui Tango Festival - where he DJed for 5 nights in a row (2007)

Royce Chau (Hong Kong)

  • Tango DJ and music collector
  • Started to DJ at various milongas in HK since 2002
  • Studied in Buenos Aires for half a year in 2008
  • Organized and DJed Milonga "Las Ventanas del Corazon" in Singapore
  • DJed at Zero Hour's All-night Milonga in Tokyo
  • Invited to play music at various international events, including 2010 Milongueando in Seoul, 2011 Hong Kong Tango Festival, 2012 Tango Generations in Taipei

Hung-Yut "Leonel" (Seoul)

  • Started DJing in El Valenciano in San Francisco in 2003
  • Danced and studied in Buenos Aires for a total of 8 months
  • Has been invited to DJ at many international events, including Beijing Dream of Illusion Tango Weekend, Hong Kong Tango Festival, Portland Tango Festival, Sydney Salon Tango Festival, Taipei Tango Festival, Taipei Tango Generations, and Shanghai Tango Festival.
  • He had been a regular DJ at these local milongas in Seoul: Tango O Nada, El Tango Café, and El Bulin.
  • He has taught DJ workshops in Seoul and Busan.
  • Organizer of the annual Seoul Tango Festival.

Federico (Pohang) - Moderator

  • DJ regularly in local milongas in Pohang, Busan, and Seoul
  • Festival DJ:
    • 2010-2012 Seoul Tango Festival
    • 2011 & 2012 Taipei Tango Festival
    • 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
  • Founding member and president of Busan "Sur" DJ Study Group