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2012 Milongueando + DJ Conference - Schedule, Prices & Registration

This is the combined schedule of "Milongueando + DJ Conference" and "Cacho Dante Seoul Workshop":

  • Yellow Events - Cacho Dante Workshop in Seoul. Please note that some of the workshops are taking place during the Milongueando weekend.
  • Green Events - DJ Conference
  • Orange Events - Milongueando milongas

  • We will have milongas at El Bulin the weekend of Oct 26 to 28. We hire excellent DJs to play great music for you, and we arrange the space with tables and chairs carefully to create a nice dancing atmosphere. Refreshments and light snacks will be served. The DJs and performers are:
    • Friday - DJ Royce Chau (Hong Kong).
      Improvisations by Agnes & Lung-Kuei (Taiwan), Royce & Jean Michel (Hong Kong), and Xiao Pa & Nico (Beijing).
    • Saturday - DJ Dan Boccia (USA).
      Performances by El Bulin students to celebrate birthday of the studio.
    • Sunday - DJ Federico Kim (Pohang).
      Group choreography by El Bulin performance team.
  • On Thursday October 25th we will have a special milonga at Tango O Nada organized by our friend Mercury. Please come to Seoul on Thursday and we can all go visit the oldest tango bar in Seoul!


All prices are in Korean Won (₩).


*** Registration is now open ***

  • To register please fill in the following registration form.

  • Registration deadline:

    • Cacho Dante Workshop: October 15 Wednesday
    • Milongueando + DJ Conference: October 22 Monday
  • Please note that all events have enrollment limit. From our past experience many of the events will become full, we recommend you to register early.
  • There is no registration for the Special Mercury Milonga on October 25 Thursday - you can just pay at the door.

Hotel & Directions

You can find a list of affordable hotels near to El Bulín on the Map, Directions, & Hotel page. It also has other useful information such as our address, phone number, and directons.


Please feel free to contact Leonel/Hung-Yut at 82-10-2611-7728 or leoyflortango@gmail.com if you have any questions or you need help planning your trip.

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