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Cacho Dante Seoul Workshop, October 20-27

Cacho has been dancing since he was a teenager in the 50′s. He is a pure social dancer and his pride simply comes from the appreciation of the women who are dancing with him in the milongas. His dancing was born in the crowded milongas of Buenos Aires: it is close embrace tango, “tango apilado”, where the connection never breaks and transmit all the emotions of the music between the 2 dancers.

The workshop is designed to take you from fundamentals to advanced technique. This technique is all about subtlety, precision and control. It applies to both men and women and both will benefits equally from the class.

Cacho is already in his 70's. His visit to Seoul might be the unique opportunity you will ever have to learn from him. Join us in October to welcome Cacho to Seoul and celebrate 60 years of Tango dancing with him!

#Date & TimeTitleDescription
CD1Oct 20 Sat 3-4:50pmEsencia y Fundamentales del Tango MilongueroEssence and basic technique of tango milonguero: posture, embrace, walking
CD2Oct 20 Sat 5:10-7pmArte del Abrazo Cerrado ApiladoIn depth technique of shared axis close embrace: to maintain the "apilado"
CD3Oct 21 Sun 3-4:50pmBailar Tango Metodo Cacho DanteCacho Dante's method and secrets to dance Tango Milonguero
CD4Oct 21 Sun 5:10-7pmBailar el Silencio y la PausaUse the "apilado" connection to express music through silence & pauses
CD5Oct 24 Wed 8-9:20PMBailar PuglieseHow to interpret the music of Pugliese
CD6Oct 27 Sat 2-3:20pmSaber MilonguearHow to dance on crowded dance floor in harmony with everyone else?
CD7Oct 27 Sat 8:30-9:30pmUna Vida MilongueraCacho's talk during which he will share 60 years of Tango

  • Class CD1 to CD4 are 1 hour 50 minutes each. These four classes are an intensive package and we highly recommend the students to take all of them together.
  • CD5 and CD6 are stand alone classes and are 1 hour 20 minutes each.
  • CD7 is a lecture and it lasts one hour.
  • All classes will be given in Spanish and translated to English and Korean.

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