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2013 DJ Conference, Oct 26-27

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The Program

All sessions will be held at El Bulín and conducted in English and Korean.


These are hands-on classes for DJs to polish their craft. Enrollment is limited to 25 people.

# Date & Time Teacher Content
DJW1 Oct 26 Sat 2-4pm Anthony Miller DJ Hardware and Software - What gear should a professional tango DJ have? There are many possible components, including the mixer, PC, software, headphone, microphone, etc. This class will cover the workings of each component and how a DJ can choose among the many options. It is a great class for someone who wants a complete DJ system.
DJW2 Oct 26 Sat 4:30-6:30pm Hung-Yut Leonel Improvisation - Experienced DJs often change the playlist on the fly, depending on the situation of the milonga. Some DJs prefer not to prepare any playlist or tandas beforehand. This workshop will focus on how to improvise when you play music. Topics include: Understanding tango DJing by ear training, reading the mood and energy of the floor, selecting and making tandas on the fly.

Music Appreciation Session

We will be listening to original 78 R.P.M vinyl discs from Jean-Michel's vast tango collection, which he is bringing from Hong Kong. You will be hearing tangos at the speed that they were originally intended, with a fuller and warmer sound, more suitable for dancing. The experience is markedly different from listening to tangos in the milongas, don't miss this unique opportunity!

This session is suitable for anyone who wants to be a DJ or simply wants to appreciate tango music more. Attendance is limited to 30.

#Date & TimeSpeaker Content
DJMAOct 27 Sun 2-4pm Jean-Michel Ledeur D'Arienzo's ultimate music appreciation! - You think you know all about D'Arienzo... Think again! Jean-Michel Ledeur will take you on a musical ride to appreciate the most subtile nuances of D'Arienzo's orchestra. We will listen to selections from Jean-Michel's vast collection, both songs more suitable for dancing and songs not as suitable for dancing, and discover or learn more about his swing, his sense of humor, his sensitivity, his singers, his "manly" beat and even his Di Sarli's touch...!


Format: we will start with a short presentation by each of the panelists, followed by a round-robin discussion among the panelists, and then an open question and answer sessions with the audience. Enrollment is limited to 50.

# Date & Time Content
DJP1 Oct 27 Sun 4:30-6:30pm DJing & Organizing a Great Milonga - More and more milongas are appearing around us. There is a great demand for good DJing and organizing. We have invited a panel of seasoned DJs and organizers to talk about the challenges of DJing and running a great milonga.

This is the list of panelists. Two more panelist will be announced shortly.

  • Anthony (Sydney)
  • Jean-Michel (Hong Kong)
  • Leon (Seoul) - Organizer of Milonga Ensueño, workshop for Dante & Ines, Carlito & Noelia in Seoul
  • Lung-Kuei (Taipei/US)


Anthony Miller (Sydney)

I play music that people enjoy dancing to. Finding a tanda that has the power to create something new and unite the two. Tango Music enthusiast. Resident DJ at The City Tattersalls Club “Celebrity Tango” Milonga, and "Tango Spirit" Milonga in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Director of tango school "Tango Spirit". International milongas:

  • 2008 - Welcome Milonga of International Tango Festival in Sydney
  • 2009 - The Australian Tango Festival – Grand Milonga
  • 2010 - Santiago De Chile (El Cachafaz)
  • 2010-2013 - Sydney Tango Salon Festival
  • 2011, 2012 - Seoul Tango Festival Singles Milonga
  • 2012 - Hong Kong: Milonga with Sebastian and Andrea

Hung-Yut "Leonel" (Seoul)

  • Hung-Yut is one of the most experienced DJ and DJ-educator in Korea, with over 10 years experience of playing music in milongas.
  • When he came to Korea in 2005, he was one of the first DJs to play music at Tango O Nada in Seoul. He now plays music there on Saturdays.
  • He has been invited to DJ at international festivals in many cities, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Portland, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sydney, and Taipei.
  • He has worked hard in training new DJs. He has given DJ workshops in Seoul and in Busan, conducted a DJ study group in his studio El Bulin, and has organized and taught at the annual Seoul DJ Conference.
  • Hung-Yut has also worked with many DJs as an event organizer. He has organized the annual Seoul Tango Festival for 5 years, each year he invites half a dozen DJs from Korea and abroad. He understands how to evaluate and select DJs for milongas and festivals, and how to work with DJs as an organizer.

Jean-Michel Ledeur (Hong Kong)

Started dancing tango in 2000 in New York city, USA, met his wife Royce Chau in 2002 and since then, together, they have built an amazing tango collection featuring more than 12,000 tangos and including more than 1,200 original 78RPM recordings! While living in Japan in 2007, they became the first non Japanese members of the Japan Tango Academy, where collectors and amateurs of tango music meet on a regular basis to listen to and exchange about tango music. Jean-Michel is also known for organizing Cacho Dante's Asian Tour in 2012 and has the reputation of being a fierce tango critic.

Lung-Kuei Lin (Taipei/US)

While quietly going about this business, Lung-Kuei has attracted both envy and affection throughout the tango community. The men want to dance like him, and the women like to dance with him. His immersion in the tango world has been a happy success.

An integral part of the U.S. tango scene, he runs off to the best festivals and marathons across the country with tremendous zeal. As a result, he’s one of the more sought-after leaders in the country, and has also developed a keen sensitivity toward what makes a milonga go well. Although his dancing is already very clean and quite musical, he’s constantly working to make it more musical, more precise, and more lovely for his partner. His most influential teachers have been Rebecca Shulman, Robin Thomas, Evan Griffiths, Diego Di Falco, Silvina Valz and Horacio Godoy.

Nicholas Chang (Beijing)

Being native to Beijing, Nico regularly plays tango music for the Vida Mia Tango Club's weekly milongas. He is also a wanted guest DJ for the prestigious Beijing Tango Sunday Milonga at the Sino Chu Wine Bar. Nico's natural taste for tango rhythms has helped to craft numerous wonderful nights for the Bejing tango community over the past four years.

  • November 2012 - Shanghai Tango Marathon DJ
  • July 2012 - 2nd International Shanghai Tango Festival
  • May 2012 - Welcome Milonga of the Seoul Tango Festival
  • March 2012 - Very Beijing Milonga of the Beijing Tango Marathon del Hutong
  • November 2011 - Grand Milonga of the Shanghai International Tango Weekend
  • October 2011 - Welcome Milonga of Milongueando en Seul 2011
  • June 2011 - Welcome Milonga of "Dream of Illusion" Tango Weeekend

Yojine Kim (Seoul)

  • Started tango in 2006. Tango music has been the biggest motivation for her dancing and DJing.
  • One of the regular DJs of Milonga Nochero Soy at Tango O Nada in Seoul
  • August 2011 - Welcome Milonga of Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero workshop
  • May 2012 - Warm Up Milonga of Seoul Tango Festival

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