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2014 Milongueando + Andres & Luciana Workshop, Oct 24 - Nov 2

2014 Milongueando, Oct 31 - Nov 2

L1 Q&A with Andres & Luciana - The Art of Milonguear
- November 1st Saturday 2 - 4pm
- What does it mean to be a milonguero? How to enjoy the milongas and make it a part of your life? Over this two-hour question-and-answer session Andres & Luciana are going to share their many years of experience participating in the milongas in Buesnos Aires and answer any questions you have. (Andres & Luciana's biography)
L2 Music Appreciation with Jean-Michel - Tango del Mar
- November 1st Saturday 4:30 - 6:30pm
- When Carlos Di Sarli passed away, Anibal Troilo said "he took the secret of tango with him to the grave". Come and join me on a musical journey, the quest for the ultimate Tango secret: Carlos Di Sarli, el tango del mar!
M1 Friday Milonga
- October 31st Friday 9pm - 2am
- Performance by: Diego & Rong Rong (China), Rens & Becca (Seoul), Hayoung & Celia (Seoul)
- DJ: Nico (Beijing)
M2 El Bulín Birthday Milonga
- November 1st Saturday 9pm - 3am
- Performance by El Bulín teachers
- DJ: Lung-Kuei (Taipei)
M3 Andres & Luciana Farewell Milonga
- November 2nd Sunday 9pm~
- Performance by Andres & Luciana
- DJ: Yojine Ivonne (Seoul)

Music Appreciation Session with Jean-Michel

We will be listening to original 78 R.P.M vinyl discs from Jean-Michel's vast tango collection, which he is bringing from Hong Kong. You will be hearing tangos at the speed that they were originally intended, with a fuller and warmer sound, more suitable for dancing. The experience is markedly different from listening to tangos in the milongas, don't miss this unique opportunity!

This session is suitable for anyone who wants to be a DJ or simply wants to appreciate tango music more. Attendance is limited to 40.

About Jean-Michel Ledeur (Hong Kong)

Started dancing tango in 2000 in New York city, USA, met his wife Royce Chau in 2002 and since then, together, they have built an amazing tango collection featuring more than 12,000 tangos and including more than 1,200 original 78RPM recordings! While living in Japan in 2007, they became the first non Japanese members of the Japan Tango Academy, where collectors and amateurs of tango music meet on a regular basis to listen to and exchange about tango music. Jean-Michel is also known for organizing Cacho Dante's Asian Tour in 2012 and has the reputation of being a fierce tango critic.

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